Instagram Not a Photo Sharing App anymore! Why I'm not Freaking Out.

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If you haven't heard the buzz... then how the heck did you find this blog post?? Jk If you haven't heard, Instagram announced officially that the app will no longer be a photo sharing app. Meaning they will be prioritizing video content over still images. This isn't really news since they've been trending this way for months. BUT it does have a LOT of photographers freaked out because well..... we are trying to sell our still image services.....

I've heard from so many photographers that they are freaked out and frustrated because they don't like making reels and they aren't sure how to market themselves anymore. But for once in my life I'm not freaking out! yay for me!

13 years ago when I started my old photo business I had no road map for how to market myself. There wasn't Pinterest, not that many Youtube videos on How to's, there was instagram and FB but I didn't really understand how to grow. In short, I was lost and not tech savvy AT ALL. I had no idea what SEO was (still don't really get it) and I had no one to help me navigate this lonely world.

But now, there's a clear road map for growth! And even better news, there's so many paths you can take ALL at once! Finding way's to utilize different platforms has become pretty fun and fascinating. And yes, I still feel like an idiot making reels and going live. But there's a path for success at the end of all of this so I feel pretty good about it.

Do I think I'm an expert?? NO. Do I feel like I've got a pretty good hold on how IG works and operates? Yeah do! And I Love to talk about it! I love chatting with people with various brands and careers and coming up with ways they can connect with their audience more.

So if you are reading this then PLEASE drop me a message and let's chat about your business and some fun and easy ways you can grow and connect with your particular audience!

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