What is a Mini Session?

What is a Mini Session and why do you need to book one today?

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Why Mini Photography Sessions are the Best

First, let's talk about what a mini session actually is. There are so many loose interpretations out there from photographers that it's hard to get the general gist. I like to follow the queen of mini's, Rebecca Rice, blue print of what a Mini Photography Session is.

A Mini Session is a shortened photography session that happens on a day that the photographer chooses and at a place that the photographer chooses. It is a very short session usually 10-15 minutes in length with a few images at the end. That's the basic answer. Now every photographer will specify the what's and how's but that is the basic concept. The Photographer is choosing when and where to shoot and the client is choosing their desired time. Usually these Mini Sessions don't have a lot of spots so if you see one pop up and you're on the fence, it's best to jump in while the water is hot because chances are the spots will fill up and then you'll have lost your chance. I can't tell you how many times I've had people inquire about a mini session AFTER it's passed.

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Quick, fun, beautiful sessions

Now let's talk about why you need these sessions in your life. MY mini sessions are catered around Utah's ever changing seasons and natural events that only happen once a year. Orchard blossoms, lavender fields, fall leaves, Christmas trees. etc. I'm choosing the most prime locations in my area at specific times and events that do not last long. You can only have blossoms on trees for a few weeks and then they are gone for the rest of the year.

Maybe you are on a budget and you can't really afford to pay full price for a session but you're sick of using that self timer on your phone or camera and you want some photos that you're proud to hand on your wall. Mini Sessions are a great option for people to hire someone with the style and experience that you want but can't afford at this time. These sessions are not full sessions so you are not paying a full session price.

What do you do if you want spring photos AND fall leaves pictures for Holiday cards? How do you choose? Well, with mini sessions you don't have to! It's the perfect have your cake and eat it too. With the price of one full session you can have two mini sessions at two different locations. I found this so helpful when I had small babies because if you take photos of them in April, by November they look like a completely different kid by the time it's time to send Christmas cards out.

And my favorite reason that you need mini sessions in your life? The time! Mini Session is literally a smaller photo session. If you have kids that are crazy like mine and I can't get them to sit still for 2 sec or maybe your husband get's grumpy when you mention getting pictures taken. The answer is... a Mini Session! I promise in 15 min. we can get all the photos you want and more and by the time your kids are just barely starting to loose it we are finished!

So what are you waiting for?? Sign up to receive emails on my website so you NEVER miss out on a mini session and you can have first access so you can get the best time for you and your family. Can't wait to work with you!


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