What to Wear for Family Photos - Dress Edition

As a family Photographer in Utah "what to wear for family photos?" get's brought up a lot. And I've seen it get in the way of people even getting their family photos taken. Even with my OWN sister! She could't figure out what to wear for her family session with me and just called it quits when she was out here in Lehi, UT visiting.

After I book someone for a session or a mini session that's usually the first thing some asks me: "Hey, can you help me with outfit inspiration for our family photography session?" and the answer is YES! I love helping! I wish to be your personal shopper to help the process go a little easier! But since I can't come into your home or meet you at a store I'll just leave this live try on I did.

I've been hearing a lot of buz about and thought I would try it out and let you know what I think!

I bought 4 dresses and I think everyone of them would be good for family photos. Right now I'm really into dresses over pants for family photos but if dresses aren't your thing then of course you should wear what will make you feel fabulous.

Let me know which one is your favorite!

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