Why Choosing a Brand Photographer is Better for your Business

How many "photographers" do you know? At least 5 right? This used to really bother me that everyone and their dog is a photographer. But I've just put my head down and gotten to work on focussing my talent and work in the direction on Brand Photography.

Specializing in Brand Photography means that I know how to showcase you and your brand in a way that your audience will be enticed to learn more about you and what you have to offer. This is the key difference than just having your friend with a nice camera take a couple of updated headshots for you.

Headshots are great but they just aren't cutting it anymore. One single photo of yourself is not enough to get people to pay attention. With the average persons attention span only lasting a few seconds it's even more dire than ever to have engaging and eye catching images to get people to know exactly what you do. In a few seconds, someone should be able to look at your website or social media page and know exactly what you have to offer so they'll stay longer on your page and become more engaged.

So how do you do that? Well it starts with hiring someone who's experienced working with business owners and isn't just used to taking pretty photos for a wedding or family photos.

Let me share my OWN Brand Photography experience. I have several friends that are professional photographers. But they are all wedding and family photographers. When I went to a photo swap I had specific images in mind that I wanted. Their artistic side quickly took over and I ended up getting beautiful portraits but nothing that could be used for business purposes. They were all just pretty or dramatic images of me. I need photos with a PURPOSE. That's when I went to a Brand Photographer. The images couldn't have been more different! They were shot with the end result in mind and not just trying to get cute photos of me smiling. I ended up being so much more happy with those images and used them more with my own business than those other images that just looked nice.

As a Brand Photographer I talk with you and dig deep to find out what kind of images will work best for your business. These content images will be perfect for social media, marketing emails, website and so much more.

If this is something that you need for your business then visit my website for more examples or get in touch and let's get a conversation going. I can walk you through my process and I would love to hear about your business and your future goals!

Can't wait to work together!

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