Why You Need Branding Photography Even if You are a Small Business or Creator.

Utah Branding Lifestyle Photographer

Imagery has never been insignificant if you look at History. But in today's world there are images everywhere! And if you're trying to stand out on social media it's even harder. Five years ago if you had pretty stock images that was enough. People didn't want to see dark, low quality images so stock images were hitting everyone's feed. Now, that's just not enough. People are tired of just seeing pretty images of flowers, or photos of your beautiful work just isn't enough to excited them and commit to handing over their money. They want to see YOU!! Have you tried that experiment? Where you post a photo of yourself and notice that your engagement goes through the roof?? That's not just a coincidence. People want to do business with... wait for it... people!

So if you're wondering why you're engagement is low, or stagnant or maybe you're just bored of posting the same thing every day because you've heard that posting every day helps engagement then the solution is pretty simple. Even if it's really scary. You need to be showing your face. And if you're like me you shudder at the thought.... And IF you're like me, you've tried to take photos of yourself and found that they just don't have that dreamy professional flare that you've seen on other pages.

But why stop there? Is showing a few photos of yourself or your family enough? Booking a Branding Lifestyle Session takes away the burden and burnout of trying to find photos to post, the frustration of trying to diy images of you and your brand or products that you want your audience to see. And best of all, it give your business CONSISTENT IMAGERY. I capitalized that for a reason. This is so important when you're trying to sell something to your audience.

So how does this work? Is it like a wedding reception where I just come day of and walk around snapping a few photos of what I think would look best? Absolutely not! And if you're looking at a Branding Photographer who is going to do just that then RUN! Branding Lifestyle photography takes a lot of prep work. I need to gather so much information before our session can begin. There's a questionnaire and planning sessions so I can know exactly what you want your audience to see and we can be on the same page. I don't want to waste a minute of time when were shooting.

Do I have your interests peeked? Let's talk! It's a big world but I know that there are many hustlers out there in the Salt Lake City, Utah County, Lehi, Utah area that are rolling up their sleeves ready to work. I know so many people love weddings and babies and magic moments but I like business! I want to hear what YOU are passionate about! Tell me how you got this crazy idea to start a business so we can relate and share war stories! This is what I live for and I can't wait to get started with you.

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